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Book Partnerships for livable cities edited by Cor van Montfort and Ank Michels


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Due to urbanization processes the world’s cities are becoming congested and polluted, affordable housing is under pressure, and safety is becoming a major problem. This makes the livability of our cities a topic of increasing relevance and urgency. In order to keep cities livable, urban governments seek cooperation with other governments, companies, civil society organizations, and citizens. In this book we explore how partnerships between public and private actors contribute to the livability of cities. Under which conditions are partnerships successful, and when do they contribute to the desired results? To find an answer to these questions we discuss examples of smart and innovative forms of collaboration and interaction between public and private actors in concrete practices in cities all over the world.

The central question in this book is: How do partnerships between public and private actors contribute to the livability of cities and what can be learned from innovative and/or successful projects?

In this book we focus on three elements of livability:

‘green in the city’, such as parks, pedestrian areas, roof top gardens etc.

‘safety in the city’, such as smart tools for prevention and detection, gated communities or joint public-private neighborhood guards

– ‘affordable housing in the city’, such as social housing or cheap removable and temporary housing

With the book we want to offer both scientists and practitioners helpful insights in practices of partnerships and in the ways in which partnerships can contribute to a more livable urban environment.


December 2018: Article: Stability by Change.The changing public-private mix in social welfare provision in China and the Netherlands, Cor van Montfort, Li Sun and Ying Zhao, in: Journal of Chinese Governance, volume 3, issue 4, 2018

Stability by Change – Van Montfort, Sun & Zhao (2018)

In May 2017 Cor van Montfort (Tilburg University, The Netherlands) and Li Sun (University of Leeds, UK) presented the paper ‘Institutional reforms in urban housing in China and the Netherlands at the Urban China conference in London

See the paper: Institutional reforms in urban housing in China and The Netherlands – Van Montfort Sun and Zhao (China urban development conference 2017) – def

See also:

A. Michels & C. van Montfort, Urban governance and partnerships in Indian and Chinese cities. Examples from Delhi, Beijing and Shanghai
Published in: L. van den Dool, F. Hendriks, A. Gianoli and L. Schaap, The Quest for Good Urban Governance. Theoretical Reflections and International Practices, Springer VS: Wiesbaden, 2015,  p. 165-183 (chapter nine)

Link: Urban governance and partnerships in Indian and Chinese cities – Michels and Van Montfort

More articles in English (selection):

Van Dooren, Michels and van Montfort – Silent ideologies in public services (2014)

bookchapter PPP (first proof) 2013

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