Panel ‘partnerships for livable cities’

On wednesday juni 28th we had during our panel at the ICPP3 conference in Singapore a very lively discussion about the topic of ‘partnerships for livable cities’. The participants presented examples from Baltimore, Nairobi, The Netherlands, Manilla and Hong Kong. We discussed:

  • Mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion: livable cities, but livable for whom? Certain forms of city planning and gentrification make a city more livable for high income groups, but less livable for the poor;
  • The importance of good governance (non corruption, regulation, accountability) as a precondition for succesfull partnerships and livability
  • The important role of mass media and forms of participatory monitoring especially if a good governance framework is missing;

Publisher Palgrave is very interested in publishing a book about the topic of partnerships for livable cities. Everybody who reads this message and is willing and able to contribute to such a book, please contact me at

This is the link to the presentation of Ank Michels (Utrecht University) and myself about Partnerships for green cities:

Partnerships for green cities – presentation Singapore 2017 (2)


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